For any writer, it's a real thrill to have that first book published. When 'Cold Showers' was accepted, it won an award for new writers and made it into the book charts and there were expectations that other novels along similar lines would follow. But it's always more fun to keep trying something slightly different and the novels that followed began to be greeted with the comment, "difficult to categorise." At the same time, it occurred to me that the categories of fiction and non-fiction themselves - fantasy or reality - were sometimes difficult to separate. I was hearing real-life stories from people that often seemed more extraordinary than the most imaginative drama, while some of the fictional stories I read or wrote had a ring of truth in them that came across more powerfully than they could have done in a documentary and seemed like a parable for our times. So although you'll see my books on this site listed as either novels or non-fiction, I hope that you will find truth and drama in both - and find something of yourself in them.