Death Row

Since 2009 I have been writing to prisoners on Death Row in the US. 

Although many States have abolished the death penalty, this obscene and antiquated punishment is still employed by others, despite evidence that it does not deter crime or help victims' families to heal. In recent years, many Death Row inmates have been declared innocent, some after several decades of incarceration and the constant threat of execution.

Romell Broom has been on Death Row in Ohio for 30 years. He has always protested his innocence. After seeing many inmates around him taken away and killed, he himself was taken for execution on 15 September 2009 - but the execution failed.

He is still on Death Row today, with the State of Ohio claiming the right to execute him again. He is still asking for his case to be retried and evidence to be re-examined.

Together, Romell and I have written his story - it is available to download from Smashwords.

Survivor on Death Row has a page on Facebook

Current death penalty news appears on Twitter: see @clarenonhebel or the people and organizations I follow.

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