Survivor on Death Row

co-authored with Romell Broom

"Survivor on Death Row" e-book cover

“On September 15th 2009 I was taken for execution by the State…”

30 years on Ohio's Death Row. One failed execution. Two non-matching DNA profiles. And no lawyer.

Romell Broom tells his own story, in his own words - a ‘throwaway’ boy from a disadvantaged background, hastily convicted for a crime he has always protested he didn’t do.

Having survived a two-hour execution attempt in 2009 he is still asking, "Will anybody listen to the truth?"

Released as an E-Book:
2013, Smashwords.

"The Romell Broom case is another example of why the US should abolish the death penalty ... how many other individuals will have to go through this nightmare."
Rick Halperin, former Chair,
Amnesty International USA
"A horrifying story embracing all the evils of the death penalty. Bad forensics, dodgy DNA, awful lawyers, render this a must-read."

Jon Snow, Channel 4 News, UK

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All proceeds from sale of this book go to Romell on Death Row.