Healed & Souled

"Healed and Souled" book cover

A book to be read with the heart, for those with tired bodies and minds.

Many avenues of ‘holistic’ healing leave out the soul and the vital connection with God, or embrace a vague mysticism. Healed And Souled roots healing firmly in God, the starting point of health, and in the human experience of Jesus Christ.

Including examples from the author’s and others’ experience, the book addresses such basic questions as whether it’s always obvious who is sick and needs healing, where sickness and health originate, and where the natural and supernatural connect.

First Published:
1988, St Paul Publications.

"Impressive subtlety … remarkable sureness of touch ..."
Books and Bookmen
"Absorbing reading"

The Times

"Clare Nonhebel has the gift of making ordinary days come alive ..."
Yorkshire Post