Finding Oasis

Finding Oasis book cover

Powerful stories from the slums of Mumbai

Clare Nonhebel went to India to see the real world of Slumdog Millionaire and to capture the stories of those for whom slum living is an inevitable necessity.

She interviewed victims of human trafficking, street children and others marginalised by society, discovering beneath the poverty a zest for life that both inspired and challenged her.

To the voiceless, she has given a voice. This is the story of what she found - and how it changed her.

First Published:
2010, Authentic Media.

"From Mumbai slum dwellers who have nothing, to Westerners who boast everything except peace - Finding Oasis is about the discovery of hope"

Steve Chalke MBE, founder of Oasis & Stop The Traffik

"I couldn't put the book down"
Roger Forster, Ichthus Christian Fellowship
"For anyone who has not seen the outcasts in India firsthand and has a concern for justice and equality, this should be essential reading"
Sal Solo, Singer & Producer