Flourish! A gentler way to grow people

From isolation to life in full bloom!

Isolated from mainstream society by mental health issues, illness, disability, addiction or learning difficulties, and dismissed by society as having nothing to contribute, a diverse group of people came together in the remarkable Flourish project.

Creating a garden out of a strip of farmland with its own intriguing history of community spirit, Flourish participants saw themselves and others thrive and grow beyond anything they could have imagined.

Their stories, and the stories of those who came before them, inspire hope for anyone who finds life an uphill struggle while the world seems to sail on by.



First Published:
2019, Clare Nonhebel

"These inspiring stories show that a safe environment with love and gentleness can help us to accept ourselves and to change and grow"

Lady Christine Lees, former Post Green Community member

"While each story is unique, 'Flourish!' tells stories of restoration of those in need of hope and healing. Surely this is everyone."

Charlotte Overton-Hart,    Dementia Consultant

"The world is dry and there are very few gardens"

Rev Denis Ball