In this section you will find a selection of previously published articles.

I began writing humorous pieces for business magazines as a sideline when I was working in a PR agency. I was also writing occasional articles for a women's magazine and when the editor said they would welcome more, I left the day job and went freelance as a journalist.

It was a great opportunity to interview some fascinating people - I started with minor celebrities but soon became more drawn to ordinary people who had faced unusual challenges or had done something different with their lives.

Freelance feature writers have to be versatile: I wrote under five different pen names at one time, even filling in for a beauty editor - with no knowledge at all of beauty treatments or products!

Recently I have written more on spiritual issues, focusing on the challenges of a lived-out faith rather than on doctrines or issues. And increasingly I've enjoyed blogging, as a way of instantly capturing a moment and blurting online.

If you enjoy blurting too, do use the Contact Me tab on this website. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading some of these articles.

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  • The lack of men in church, especially younger men, has been a topic of much debate in recent years.   A number of articles and books, researched and written by men, have argued that church suits women [...]
  • Preaching the good news is a clear priority in Christian churches, but the accompanying commands – to heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons – receive mixed responses.   I’m sympathe [...]
  • He would meet me at Zurich Airport, he wrote. He would be smoking a pipe. There must be, I felt, a more personal way to identify your own father - some instinctive recognition, family resemblance, something [...]
  • ‘When I told the pastor I’d been abused as a child and was struggling to forgive, he said, “It was a long time ago; can’t you forget about it?”   ‘I said, “I’ve only just started rememb [...]
  • We got lost on the way to Death Row. Like any country, America doesn’t advertise its prisons until you are almost on top of them. The sign ‘Correctional Facility’ was well camouflaged but we spotted it, j [...]
  • The girls stand motionless on the pavement, dressed modestly in the shalwar kameez – tunic and trousers – and dupatta scarf worn by most women in Mumbai. They are very young and their eyes are lifeless. Abo [...]
  • These days, I tend to write only about whatever enthuses me and changes my life, and hope that others may find it inspiring too. My most recent non-fiction books - 'Flourish! A gentler way to grow people' and ' [...]