About Me

I wrote my first novel at the age of 13. It consisted of 100 pencil-written about a girl whose dad won the lottery and unwittingly ruined her street cred and lost all her friends!

Over the years other, longer, novels followed this one into the bin until, following a redundancy in my day job in my twenties, I dared to submit the statutory ‘synopsis and first three chapters’ to a publisher.

Back came the answer: ‘Has promise: send us the rest.’¬†Cue panic: I hadn’t written any more than three chapters!

I’ve learned a lot since then. Several literary agents and publishers later, with 11 books commercially published – novels and later non-fiction too – I am now enjoying the freedom of self-publishing online.

I don’t know whether e-books will ever totally replace ‘real’ books but it’s great to have the option. For a list of both, see ‘Book List’ – a drop-down from this ‘About Me’ tab.

Numerous times, I’ve ‘retired’ from writing, only to get the bug again a year or two later. Writing articles for magazines, newspapers and online publications has been more constant, and blogging has also proved to be fun, as well as engaging with social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

Reading, like writing, is a creative activity. Readers who engage with a story enter into it and read their own story between the lines. So – happy reading!