Celebrating a new book!

Opening the package of your newly published book is always a joy (shared by Ellie the cat on this occasion!)

Flourish! A gentler way to grow people is for the multitude of ordinary people who find life an uphill struggle while the world around them seems to sail on by. In the context of today’s urgent agenda to improve mental health and wellbeing, it’s vital to identify what really helps.

These moving personal stories told by people facing all kinds of challenges highlight the importance of not just rebuilding individual lives but integrating people into real and sustainable community.

Here are a few of the reviews so far:

“A powerful parable for our frenetic and sceptical age – ‘Green Health’ writ large. These heartwarming stories paint a compelling picture of a place where healing is not only expected but happens in various forms, rooted in the faith, perseverance and realism of a remarkable community”  (James Newcom, Bishop of Carlisle)

“Stories of restoration … Those in need of hope and healing find a place to belong. Surely this is everyone.”       (Charlotte Overton-Hart, Community Engagement Associate)

“These inspiring stories show that a safe environment with love and gentleness can help us to accept ourselves, to change and grow.”  (Lady Christine Lees, Post Green Community)

Where to get the book?

From Amazon. ‘Flourish! A gentler way to grow people’ by Clare Nonhebel. Price £5.99 or your currency equivalent.