What’s-sarong with beach cover-ups?


Among the many people who cringed at media photos of French police forcing some poor woman to strip off her full body-cover burkini on the beach were a few older ones who remembered the early Sixties, when beach resorts and swimming pools banned the wearing of skimpy bikinis as immodest.

Times change

When I was in my teens, any fashion-conscious girl would be so embarrassed to have a bra strap or slip showing that her friends would whisper the code words, “Charlie’s dead!” to warn her.

Of course, no one looks twice now at women in underwear-as-outerwear or bikinis. Or do they?

You don’t have to be Muslim

to prefer not to parade your flesh on the beach. Surfers wear wetsuits, fish wear scales, teenage girls may swim in baggy tops and leggings rather than feel intimidated by leering looks and comments about their bodies.

In a liberal society

you should be able to choose whether to cover up or strip off. But liberal societies can be surprisingly legalistic when their views are challenged.

So the moral of the story is …

if someone’s dress (or undress) offends you, cover up … your eyes!