The Healing Place – NEW novel!

"The Healing Place" e-book coverNew Novel

It’s always an exciting time when the editing, checking, e-book technology crunching etc is finally done and the new story is launched – a bit like giving birth.

Of course, I always hope people will like it, or that it will give them ideas to agree or disagree with and enjoy the think!

Spiritual to go!

For this novel, the idea came from noticing the proliferation of ‘spiritual’ remedies, therapies, beliefs and disciplines. The market is flooded with them: a help-yourself buffet of concepts and dreams.

Some sound attractive, some plausible, some strange – but how much of it is actually true and reliable when it comes to the crunch, dealing with the real challenges, fears and longings of the human heart?

Is it true?

That’s the question that poses itself to Franz Kane – only, for him, it’s a little more complicated …. because he is the founder and manager of:

The Healing Place

‘The Healing Place’ is free to download as an e-book from Smashwords from this link:

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The lovely cover is by Shirley Walker. Thank you!