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If you’ve ever tried reading the Bible cover to cover, chances are you get stuck around the So-and-So-begat-Thingummyjig lists or the 20-Ways-to-Sacrifice-An-Ox chapters.

But it is the most fascinating, truth-ridden book of all time – as well as the most translated global bestseller – so is there a better way to get to grips with it?

There is. Thankfully.

Here is a one-day-at-a-time fresh look at short excerpts from the Bible, applying them to real life here and now.

Each week is written by different people (including me) from varied backgrounds and cultures, sharing their own experience.

Fresh From the Word 2016 is for long-time believers and first-time questioners. Its aim is to blow away the dust that keeps the brilliant insights of the Bible covered up. Like to give it a try or give it to a friend? Click on the title below to buy a copy direct, or if you want to use Amazon for either the ebook or paper version, you can, from the end of Sept.

Fresh From the Word 2016